Webinar: The Biotechnologist, does he research or innovate?

The Spanish Federation of Biotechnologists (FEBiotec) and Innolandia.es organize the webinarThe Biotechnologist, does he research or innovate?“. In this webinar, the career possibilities of Biotechnologists will be analyzed, showeing how to valorize their curriculum and improve their soft skills. The webinar will take place on the 28th May at 18:00, and it will be delivered in Spanish.

Imparted by Ángel Alba, founder of Innolandia.es and expert in innovation, with more than 15,000 hours of experience with service organization, this webinar is directed towards Biotechnologists and other life sciences profesionals, independently of their current situation: students, entrepreneurs, researchers or unemployed.

The objectives of this webinar are:

  • To identify the differences and similarities between research and innovation.
  • To recognize the required skills to focus your career towards one area or the other.
  • To identify tools, through which you can become more effective at your work.

Thus, at the end of the webinar, attendants will be able to:

  • If they are still unsure about how to orientate their profesional career, they will be able to better value their options in research and innovation and take a decission which better accounts their personal objectives.
  • If they have already decided which option they take, or they are already working in one of them, they will learn about very interesting tools, in order to improve their efficiency when working, sparing time.

Attendance to the webinar is totally free. It will take place on Wednesday, 28th May at 18:00. You can attend it through the following link:

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