Introductory Course in Metabolomics

Metabolomics is the scientific study of chemical processes involving metabolites. It is based on the systematic study of the “chemical print” that a biological system leaves after a specific metabolic process, which allows us to study the “metabolome” or “metabolic profile”. Metabolomics has been developed during the last century together with the other OmicSciences. Genomics, Transcriptomics, Proteomics and Metabolomics make up the “Omic Sciences”,due to them having the same purpose in their respective fields. The course will take place in English.

Nowadays, one of the main challenges in Systems Biology is to integrate knowledge from all Omic Sciences, but it is not viable yet. From ASBTEC we put special interest in Metabolomics, due to the fact that it represents the closest relation between individual phenotype and gene expression.

This introductory course aims to be a reviewof the world of Omic Sciences and its impact on scientific knowledg, with major emphasis on Metabolomics. The aims of these courses are:

  • To provide high quality training about omics, especially metabolomics in relation to their applications in investigation.
  • To implement the knowledge acquired of the use of machinery and software used in these fields.
  • To promote interest in metabolomics and spread information about it to “bio” students and professionals.

From ASBTEC we commit to continuous formation, this time together with the european project Biotech Lifelong Learning Network (YEBN), in which the Spanish Federation of Biotechnologists and the Associazione Nazionale Biotecnolog Italiani (ANBI) work together.

A certificate of attendance issued by ASBTEC at the end of the course will be delivered.


Who is this course targeted to?

To students, graduates, masters and PhD students.

What will it consist of?

The course will last a total of 14 hours, divided in two days. The first day will consist of lectures given by professionals in the field. During the second day we will begin by discussing the real business applications of metabolomics and end with a round table of opinions.

Where and when can I attend?

The course will take place at the  “Centre Tecnològic de Nutrició i Salut (CTNS) i Centre for Omic Sciences (COS)” in Reus, Avinguda Universitat  1, Reus  43204, Spain.

The chosen days will be the 8th and 9th of May 2014


8th May

9th May


9:30 – 16:15

(Lunch included)

9:30 – 14:00

Punctuality is required.

Programmed activities

Thursday 8th May

Friday 9th May

09:30 Welcome to attendants 09:30  Welcome to attendants
10:00 Introduction to Omic Sciences: basic concepts (Núria Canelas, COS) 09:45 Case studies of the application o fomics in nutrition and health(Dr. LluísArola, CTNS)
10:45 Mass spectrometry: sample preparation and equipment. (Pol Herrero, COS) 10:30Metabolomics and the identification of diagnostic markers and therapeutic targets. (Dr. Will GarcíaAsua, OWL)
11:30 Coffee break 11:15 Coffee break
12:00 Targeted Metabolomics: analysis by mass spectrometry LC/MS and GC/MS. (SílviaMariné, COS) 11:45 Systems biology and omic data applied to pharmaceuticals. (Teresa Sardón, Anaxomics Biotech)
12:45 Non-targeted Metabolomics:  analysis by mass spectrometry LC/MS and GC/MS. (Rosa Ras, COS) 12:15 Roundtable: advances in the field of metabolomics in science and industry: economic, ethical and scientific implications.  Participants: Dr. Oscar Yanes (CIBERDEM, URV), Dra. Maria Jesús Macias (ICREA, IRB), Dr. Lluis Arola (CTNS, URV) i Dr. Will García Asua (OWL, PTB).
13:30 Lunch and tour of the installations COS/CTNS 13:30 Delivery of certificates to participants and closing.
15:30 Analysis of samples for NMR.(Miguel Angel Rodríguez, COS)
16:15 Statistical processing. (David Moriña, CTNS)

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